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These before and after shots above give you an idea of what can be created with any old jewellery you might have lying in a jewellery box that you'll never wear again.

Only rings have been made so far, but any piece can be made with your materials.


Pieces are built by taking apart and cutting up old jewellery instead of the traditional way of melting it all down completely. This means engravings, settings and elements you like or have sentimental value can be kept in the new design. Any gold, silver and gemstones can be used and extra material can be added to finish off the piece if necessary.


There is always a risk when working with old jewellery. Removing stones from their previous settings can be difficult at times, and stones can crack (some very easily!) so you have to take that into consideration. Of course I will do my best to prevent this from happening and advise you if I think there might be a risk.


If there are sentimental engravings on a piece I can keep them in the new design, depending on where the engraving is.


Want to find out more? Send me an email with an image of the old pieces you wish to be created into a new piece, and a rough idea of what you'd like, if you know.


[email protected]